Freelance Services

I can help you create new SQL databases, design applications and programs to replace Excel-based analysis, and set up Tableau for your organization to easily perform data analysis.

  • Create New SQL Databases

    If your company is a start-up or medium-sized business that is not already storing data in SQL, I can help you create new databases and tables as well as set up views and stored procedures in SQL applications. 

    I am familiar with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and IBM DB2.

  • Deploy Machine Learning Models in MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL

    I can deploy statistical models from within MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL using stored procedures and machine learning services (MS SQL Server) and ApacheMADlib (Postgres).

  • Create Python Scripts to Replace Excel Pivot Tables and Formulas

    I can create easy-to-use Python programs using object-oriented programming to replace Excel-based analysis. Anyone can learn how to use these programs and it has the advantage of speed when working with large amounts of data that could crash in an Excel file. 

  • Tableau Back-End Work

    I can set up Tableau to work with your SQL database and use Python programming to extend Tableau's functionality using TabPy to perform advanced calculations, perform causal statistical analysis, or deploy predictive analytical models.  I can also create useful dashboards for your data analysts.  

  • Stakeholder Impact Conversations

    One of the biggest challenges that leaders face when changing data analysis tools and storage is stakeholder buy-in. Let me talk to the stakeholders about how these improvements will impact their work. After, we can create a strategy to minimize the impact of these changes on your internal stakeholders.

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