Professional Projects

Throughout the years, each of my professional experiences has been an opportunity to learn and grow, which has contributed to the person I am today. 

  • Statistical Analysis

    I worked on a large Stata program to clean and perform a log-odds regression on unbalanced panel data to model write-down and prepayment rates on loan portfolios. 

  • Stakeholder Impact Assessments

    I studied the impact of business changes on key stakeholders to inform management about the best course of action to obtain stakeholder buy-in.

  • Employer Needs Assessments

    I explored employer needs surrounding data science skills and industry 4.0 technology to help major private and public universities direct changes to their curriculum. 

  • Consumer Experience Studies

    I explored how consumers experience e-commerce to drive increases in sales and how they experience products relative to competitor products.

  • Program Evaluations

    I benchmarked performance and explored best practices for fundraising, data collection, and diversity and inclusion.

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